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On June 4th, 2021, Great Place to Work® Indonesia had an insightful and engaging session with one of  Indonesia’s first GPTW-Certified™ companies, PT Link Net Tbk, with our special guest, their Chief of Human Capital, Mr Yosafat Hutagalung.  

Yosafat and his ‘First Squad’ team of innovative leaders and associates thrived through the Covid-19 pandemic through a framework of accelerated digitization to reinforce togetherness and keep their strategies on track.

Here are my key takeaways:

1. They rally people to align to their values.
Yosafat shared that their primary focus was to put their people ‘in front’ during the pandemic. Culture implementation was crucial, from talent acquisition to people development, to reaching out and extending services to customers. Through their digital platform, they ran campaigns to keep on reminding their associates of their core values. He firmly attests that influencing positive beliefs manifest in their employees’ behaviour, and this in turn will give positive results for their business. The foundation of all their values was ‘integrity,’ and they encourage all their employees to emanate this core value in everything that they do.

2. Communication is key to their success.
The pandemic brought about unprecedented operational changes, and their organization had to shift to work-from-home, much like other companies in Indonesia. But prior to this, PT Link Net had already been operating in different locations, so his team had the foresight to amp up their digital platform to provide numerous communication channels for their employees. Through these channels, they share ideas and inspiration, support for colleagues, initiate interest groups, offer career and personal development opportunities, disseminate new information, and above all, spur their employees to share ideas on how to improve their business. By giving their employees equal voice, they spark a sense of purpose and make them feel that they are all building the business together, strengthening collaboration and performance, and ensuring that their company remains robust amidst crises.

3. They involve their people in their success mission.
Through their efforts, Yosafat shared that the benefits to PT Link Net include increase in engagement, productivity and the attraction of high-quality talent through their recruitment campaigns. It is also not surprising that PT Link Net was GPTW-Certified™ in January 2021, with 90% of their employees proudly agreeing that they are a Great Place to Work®, and with ‘When I look at what I accomplish, I feel a sense of pride,’ and ‘Management keeps me informed about important issues and changes,’ among their top-scoring statements.

Most of all, he is happy to share that the best return on culture is that he is ensured of their company’s longevity. He conveys that the commitment they provide for their people creates Trust which is essential for their employees to deliver on the responsibilities assigned to them. Because of the values that they continue to cultivate and inculcate in their day to day interactions, people feel connected to their purpose and take pride in their contribution, and spontaneously show respect and support for their colleagues and leaders. Yosafat also shares that they are open to giving people room for improvement, and to give everyone in their PT Link Net family the opportunity to grow alongside their business.

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Xyris Tapia

Xyris loves to look at life through a broader lens. She is a certified bookworm, occasional writer, intrepid traveler and design enthusiast. She likes to create and breathe vibrancy to things. When not organizing events, she is a content contributor for GPTW PH and likewise handles corporate matters. A happy wife and a doting mom, she finds joy in unique experiences and believes that everyone has the potential for greatness.

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