Press Release: Great Place To Work® ASEAN and ANZ signs MoU to partner with Dayalima Group, Indonesia’s leading human capital development consulting group

Press Release: Great Place To Work® ASEAN and ANZ signs MoU to partner with Dayalima Group, Indonesia’s leading human capital development consulting group
Press Release: Great Place To Work® ASEAN and ANZ signs MoU to partner with Dayalima Group, Indonesia’s leading human capital development consulting group

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Dayalima Group, Indonesia’s leading human capital development consulting group celebrates its 25th anniversary and reinforces its dedication to human capital development and leadership cultivation. As part of its continuous pursuit to transform in line with the dynamic business needs of the Group’s Indonesian, multinational, and global clients, it signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to partner with Great Place To Work® ASEAN and Australia & New Zealand (ANZ). The partnership will benefit Dayalima Group to enhance its clients’ human capital development efforts. 

Dayalima Group has assisted over 1,350 organizations and 120,000 executives and professionals in designing and implementing strategic human capital development programs. With a deep understanding of the challenges that organizations face, the Group formulates customized solutions that meet those challenges. 

On its 25th-year milestone, Dayalima Group reaffirms its commitment to continuously align itself to better serve its clients, seize new opportunities, and drive sustained growth in the ever-evolving marketplace. “Our market-driven strategies will ensure that we continue to be innovative and adaptive to the changing needs of our clients. This way we can provide the best possible value and help them achieve their strategic goals,” remarked Abianti Riana, CEO of Dayalima Recruitment, on behalf of Dayalima Group. The Group will also continue to serve as a social enterprise to support the development of human capital in Indonesia. “We believe that investing in the education and training of Indonesia’s human capital will accelerate the nation towards prosperity and sustainability,” continued Abianti.

Dayalima Group delivers its services through renowned assessment centers, comprehensive selection and recruitment processes, impactful values-based learning initiatives, and personal and organizational transformation programs. The Group actively engages with clients, curating integrated business and leadership solutions that accurately align with clients’ unique needs and objectives. It also partners with subject matter experts and innovators from diverse fields and technology platforms worldwide to continually stay at the forefront of knowledge and expertise.

Today marks a significant milestone as Dayalima Group signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Great Place To Work® ASEAN and ANZ as part of the global authority on workplace culture. “We are honored to partner with Great Place To Work® ASEAN and ANZ in Indonesia and contribute to the development of human capital in Indonesia. This partnership also signifies Dayalima Group’s commitment to further enhance the standards of services it provides to clients, expand its reach, and solidify its position as a key player in the human capital consulting space on a much larger scale,” remarked Yuri Yogaswara, CEO of Daya Dimensi Indonesia, a subsidiary of Dayalima Group.

This collaboration will enable Dayalima Group to empower companies to enhance their reputations, attract top talents, and foster a culture of engagement and excellence. Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture and brings with it thirty years of groundbreaking research and data to help every place become a great place to work for all. Together, Dayalima Group and Great Place To Work® ASEAN and ANZ will drive the success of organizations and contribute to the advancement of economies in Indonesia.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Dayalima Group to enhance our presence and influence in Indonesia. With twenty-five years of experience in human capital development consulting, Dayalima Group is well-equipped to contribute to its mission of building a better Indonesia through leadership and talent development. By combining our expertise, resources, and market knowledge, we are confident in our ability to transform workplaces and make a positive impact on the lives of employees in this thriving country. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of the Indonesian business landscape and deliver tangible results for organizations and their workforce,” stated Evelyn Kwek, Managing Director of Great Place To Work® ASEAN and ANZ.

Great Place To Work® ASEAN and ANZ’s Best Workplaces™ List Award Recipients in Indonesia, 2023

Great Place To Work® ASEAN and ANZ will hold an awards ceremony during the celebration event of Dayalima Group’s 25th Anniversary, to announce the list of its Best Workplaces™ in Indonesia. The awardees consist of the companies below, in alphabetical order.

  • Accenture Indonesia
  • Capella Ubud
  • Coats Indonesia
  • Deloitte Indonesia
  • DHL Express Indonesia
  • DHL Supply Chain Indonesia
  • DHL Global Forwarding Indonesia
  • Dow Indonesia
  • Hilton Indonesia
  • Luminary
  • SC Johnson
  • PT Becton Dickinson Indonesia
  • PT Ericsson Indonesia
  • PT Syngenta Seed Indonesia
  • PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) TBK

About Dayalima Group

Dayalima Group provides a diverse range of solutions and services for the evolving needs of businesses and organizations. Committed to excellence and focused on human capital development, Dayalima Group strives to be impactful change partners, making a significant contribution to improving quality of life. Through understanding client needs and collaborative solutions, delivering the best outcomes. Dayalima Group’s achievements are driven by integrity, compassion, and good citizenship, and we take responsibility for realizing our vision and mission. Dayalima evolved from Daya Dimensi Indonesia, a consulting firm and strategic partner for individual and organizational transformation through humanity, established in 1998.

In 2019, Dayalima published “Leaders of a New Planet” a book which discusses the importance of self-awareness in leadership and provides a model for effective leadership actions. The book introduces the Sustainability Compass, a model of business based on the alignment of values between individuals, organizations, and the environment.

Daya Dimensi Indonesia, part of Dayalima Group, is proud to support UN Women’s Empowerment Principles in Indonesia.

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To be eligible for the World’s Best Workplaces list, a company must apply and be named to a minimum of 5 national Best Workplaces lists within our current 58 countries, have 5,000 employees or more worldwide, and at least 40% of the company’s workforce (or 5,000 employees) must be based outside of the home country. Extra points are given based on the number of countries where a company surveys employees with the Great Place to Work Trust Index©, and the percentage of a company’s workforce represented by all Great Place to Work surveys globally. Candidates for the 2017 Worlds Best Workplaces list will have appeared on national workplaces lists published in September 2016 through August 2017.