The Great Place to Work®️ Customer Success Team Reveal

Meet Denise, Mira, Isabelle, Mei-Shaan, Maggie and Pranav, the team that is present for companies when they embark and complete their Great Place to Work certification journey. The work mantra that they live by: a high regard for customer success and meeting the needs of companies during their certification process. Often perceived as a serious […]

3 Things Managers Must Do Now To Increase Engagement & Beat the Great Resignation

There is a significant body of scientific research behind the measures of well-being and the psychological constructs. At the same time, there is a bit of ‘art’ in the way that managers and employers can address the collective and individual needs in the workplace. Rick SmithEMPLOYEE WELL-BEING IN THE NEW WORKPLACE : How Singapore’s Best […]

The Crucial Role of Reliable and Trustworthy Managers During A Crisis

Even though individuals may experience trusting relationships in any organization, Best Workplaces work to create trusting relationships FOR ALL. This requires establishing a high degree of fairness and integrity between management and employees, as well as between groups inside organizations. People-first Managers understand that there are times when a personal touch may be needed during […]

#BreakTheBias: Building a More Gender Inclusive Workplace

#BreakTheBias: Building a More Gender Inclusive Workplace

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, Great Place to Work® delves into our Emprising survey statistics and asks: “What kind of gender bias can arise from an employee’s viewpoint and what are some indicators of gender bias that employers and employees alike can be aware of?” Great Place to Work’s MD, Evelyn Kwek […]

Survey Fatigue Is a Bad Excuse

In an article we published answering the question on how often should you survey your employees, we shared that survey fatigue occurs when it becomes clear to employees that leadership doesn’t take their feedback into consideration. If you’re an HR professional, you know how important it is to survey your employees, especially at this time. […]

How to Promote Employee Well-being in the Workplace: Global Study

How to Promote Employee Well-being in the Workplace: Global Study

Researchers at Great Place to Work and Johns Hopkins University Partner on Study that Reveals Key Insights in Promoting Employee Well-being What is employee well-being? How can leaders create a company culture that nurtures employee well-being? Leaders are asking these questions because not knowing the answers means missing out on a key driver of effective […]

Global Employee Engagement Benchmark Study

The current state of employee engagement worldwide Great workplaces are in short supply across the globe. According to our new study at Great Place to Work®, employees worldwide persistently experience a lack of trust, purpose and connection at work. “These experiences are sadly familiar to many employees,” says Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place […]

The Link Between Employee Engagement<br>and Performance

Why Employee Engagement Really Matters Employee engagement needs to go beyond a cool-looking foosball table in the break room, or shiny incentives like flexible work hours or bringing your dog to work. Employees who are truly engaged will be motivated to do their best work every day and stay with a company who is taking […]

Indonesia Best Workplaces 2022

Great Place to Work®  is pleased to announce the inaugural Indonesia Best Workplaces™ award that will take place in 2022. This award honors the very best organizations that are effective in building high-performing cultures where employees trust their leaders, are proud of what they do, and enjoy the people they work with.   Businesses in Indonesia have faced severe disruptions in the wake of […]

Back-to-Work Employee Survey: 4 Things You Should Be Asking

If your return-to-work employee survey is only asking employees about face shields and hand sanitizer stations, you’re not asking the questions that will help you steer your business through the uncertainty of returning to the office after quarantine. Employees’ concerns run much deeper than protocols. What’s crucial right now is asking employees if they: •  Trust […]