The Best Workplaces in Asia Earn Distinction on Fairness, Employee Pride

Top organizations from Asia and the Middle East offer guidance on how to create a great workplace culture Asian markets haven’t been immune to the economic shocks of 2022. The International Monetary fund lowered its growth forecast for the Asia Pacific region due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, rising interest rates, and fallout over the Russian […]

The High Value of Building Pride in the Workplace

One of the most overlooked drivers of engagement, retention and advocacy, hides in plain sight: pride. It can be obvious when people take pride in their work, and even easier to spot when they don’t. Year-on-year, we see how corporate recognition as a Certified™ great place to work reinforces company pride, and we see how the […]

What are Your Brand Ambassadors Saying About Your Company Culture?

As the world reopens and transitions toward a post-pandemic era, companies across different industries find themselves back in the war for talent. Recruitment strategies that rely solely on salary as a competitive differentiator to address concerns over rising inflation without looking at the overall employee experience will not find it effective in the mid- to […]

8 Highly Effective Practical Ways to Boost Company Pride

We define a “great workplace” as one in which people trust their leaders, take pride in their work, and experience camaraderie with their colleagues. These workplaces consistently build a high-trust workplace culture and they realize the benefits from a multiplier effect as they maximize their human potential through effective leaders, meaningful values, and a deep […]

The Business Case for a High-Trust Culture

High-Trust Workplaces are Better for Business There is a strong connection between a high-trust culture and business success. Our 30 years of research and data from over 100 million employees proves high-trust workplaces see larger returns to the bottom line, higher levels of innovation, customer and patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and organizational agility. Leaders who […]

Trust Drives Engagement: Honoring the 2022 Indonesia Best Workplaces™

This article is also available in Bahasa Indonesia Baca lebih banyak On 29 June 2022, Great Place to Work™ announced the first batch of companies Great Place to Work-Certified™ and ranked on our Indonesia Best Workplaces™ List through a virtual reveal. The evaluation for this was based on Great Place to Work employee surveyed administered […]

Kepercayaan Menggerakkan Keterlibatan: Penghargaan Indonesia Best Workplaces™️ 2022

This article is also available in English Read more Pada tanggal 29 Juni 2022, Great Place to Work™ mengumumkan kelompok pertama perusahaan Great Place to Work-Certified™ dan yang menduduki peringkat dalam daftar Indonesia Best Workplaces™ kami melalui virtual reveal. Evaluasi ini didasarkan pada survey karyawan untuk Great Place to Work yang diselenggarakan pada tahun 2021 […]

Why Trust Beats Employee Engagement

One core value that defines companies that excel in what they do is that of TRUST. Companies with high levels of trust have employees who are committed, enthusiastic, loyal and willing to run the extra mile. These employees are engaged. These companies enjoy good business returns, retain amazing talent and continue to build a high-trust, […]

Key Takeaways – 100 Best Companies to Work For Best Practices Infographic

This year, Great Place to Work® Indonesia is proud to present the inaugural Indonesia Best Workplaces List™. With over 3 decades of experience, Great Place to Work® is undeniably the global authority in workplace culture. Each year, we survey hundreds of thousands of employees around the world, recognize companies with outstanding workplaces, and give them […]